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The Invisible Inbetween is a response to the result of the UK’s Brexit referendum.

The Invisible Inbetween documents the only land border between the UK & EU during the time of uncertainty, between the invocation of Article 50 in March 2017 until the UK’s planned withdrawal in March 2019. The 500 km long border acts as both an administrative & political division, yet is an imaginary boundary, with little evidence of its existence to signify a physical border between the UK & the EU. The border is identified within the photographs through a physical tear, making the invisible, visible.The act of tearing creates an uneasiness, evoking notions of the political and economic tensions surrounding the border’s position within the Brexit negotiations, symbolising the divorce of the UK from the 27 remaining member states. The Invisible In-between shows the viewer the reality of the Border & encourages the viewer to explore the intangible nature & uneasiness surrounding it. As an Englishman, trespassing to follow an invisible line through a historically troubled landscape, where cross border theft & crime is a constant issue, the uneasiness is compounded, creating a tension & an unspoken responsibility.
These feelings are transferred by asking the viewer to consider the impacts of the referendum vote. This is taken a step further by inviting members of the public to tear photographs of the Border to indicate where they think the Border exists within the photograph. This physical act of irreparable damage through a quick simple action, creates a feeling of unease, similar to that of the photographer, and demonstrates how ambiguous the location of the border is.
Sections of the border visits were guided by local writers born and bred on the border, adding to the project with their local knowledge and insight into the duality of living on the border.







LetterRoadPettigo (2)





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